M&R Painting Contractors: A family-run business

Did you know we are a family-run business?

Although the two directors, Robbie & Sean, are not related, they do go way back and are very close – while Maria, who takes care of all office-related work, is Sean’s wife. Sean’s mother Liz plays a vital part in the company, having been a huge help for Sean & Robbie starting the business, and helping out with administration until Maria joined the business in 2018. Nowadays Liz still plays an active role in the background, giving advice and so on.

Last but not least, we can’t forget Tilly who is great (and sometimes annoying!) company at the office – Sean & Maria’s “puppy daughter”! Needless to say, apart from Robbie, Sean, Maria, Liz and Tilly, the strong and dedicated team of sub-contractors working with us are a big part of the M&R Painting Contractors family, too.

A quick introduction…

Portrait of young man with sunglassesRobbie

Robbie is one of the two directors of M&R Painting Contractors and while not being related to the rest of the team, he could be considered a non-biological brother of Sean! Who knows, maybe one day a Robbie Junior will join the business 😉

Robbie has a fantastic eye for detail and could probably win the Olympics in flawless wallpaper-hanging!!

Portrait of blonde manSean

The other director, Sean, has made M&R Painting Contractors a family-run business. Both his mother and wife are involved – with Sean pricing jobs, meeting clients and working on the tools; assistance with invoicing, quotation etc. is much needed!

Sean has over 20 years of painting & decorating experience.

Portrait of woman smilingLiz

Liz, Sean’s mother, helped Robbie and Sean found the business and assisted with invoicing and quotes until Sean’s wife took over – Liz is still a huge help to the business. Her current role is best described as our invaluable advisor!

Blonde womanMaria

Maria, Sean’s wife, joined the business at the beginning of 2018. Maria is in charge of all administration; marketing, communication, book-keeping, payroll, invoicing & quotations.

Portrait of Jack Russell TerrierTilly

Sean and Maria’s dog: The main value she brings to the business is cuteness, but she also looks great in a M&R Painting Contractors hi viz vest (see picture for proof!)

For more details on the story behind M&R Painting Contractors take a look at our About Us page. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram & Facebook – there might be more cute dog pics coming up 😉